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JobBliss is designed to help connect freelancers and contractors with employers in a transparent, collaborative environment. Having remote workers connected and easily accessible to employers is more important than ever before. Our goal is to help companies take control and work with their internal and external teams in a seamless way.

Yes, and the administrator receives an alert when someone new is added.

As the administrator who subscribes to the platform, invite the employees in your company who will be managing people and projects (e.g. hiring managers). Once that’s done, you can:


  • Upload and consolidate all your current company resources.
  • Group and organize teams in your Little Black Book.
  • Create new projects and invite resources.
  • Managers can begin posting projects and assigning resources. You can view this activity.
  • Browse and post jobs to the Marketplace to find and meet new resources.
  • Add new contract resources to your database.
  • Onboard and save contracts and documents by resource or project.
  • Message managers and resources.
  • Archive a project once it’s complete.


Yes, you can add, edit or remove resources from your database.

As many as you want, it’s unlimited. Pricing will scale with the size of your database. Contact us for pricing details.

When browsing resources, you can view:

  • resource availability;
  • past jobs and project history with your company;
  • location;
  • skill sets;
  • credentials;
  • managers they are currently working with or have worked with in the past.

No. JobBliss provides the tools so you can build, manage and source contractors or employees as you need them.

Any company in any industry can use JobBliss. Some of our clients are in the advertising, publishing, accounting, education, and engineering industries, but it’s not limited to those. As long as you work with remote resources, you can create a cross-company database and team structure to suit your business needs, and manage any remote resources you work with in JobBliss.

Yes, JobBliss is scalable and suits companies of any size who need to manage remote teams or resources.

No, we simply give you the tools to build the structure you need. The power is in your hands.

  1. Adding managers to your team
    You invite managers as needed and they’ll receive an email to create their profile.
  2. What do my managers see?
    They’ll see the team of resources available to them to work with, along with any of their past jobs and projects. Managers can also see the public Marketplace (if applicable) and are allowed to contact any potential new resources for future needs.

No, managers can only view their assigned resource list. As the admin, you control the visible resources. Managers can request new resources and you can grant them access.

Yes, your company database is private and is visible only to the employees you give access to. If you invite contractors to join your database, their details remain private. Your proprietary data is stored on a secure server.

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