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Build your talent pool

Create your company-wide resource pool by adding your contractors, freelancers, consultants and vendors.

Organize your teams

Get instant and complete visibility into your external resource pool. Easily see and track everyone you work with, and effortlessly source and share resources across your organization.

Manage your workforce

No more worrying about finding past projects or planning future needs; assign projects, delegate hours, source the right skills and track progress with ease.

With one easy-to-use system, we give you and your teams the collaboration platform you need to build, manage and track your contingent workforce project activity.


Secure resource database

Build and customize your database with JobBliss, and witness its evolution over time through real-time team interaction and data.

Advanced scheduling

With stress-free advance booking, JobBliss enables you to get your ducks in a row effortlessly, giving you back valuable time.

Onboard and retain talent

Bring your top freelancers and vendors into your exclusive, private company database.

Document contractor information

Customize profiles with the data you need to search and find.

Find and share resources

Share and suggest great talent across your organization.

Project management tools

Projects, tasks, time tracking, scheduling and job posts, everything you and your teams will need to get organized.
JobBliss is a perfect tool for getting an overview of contractor activity and facilitating real collaboration across our team.
Peter R. - Assoc. Animation Director
Resource management tools

Building your company database with JobBliss eliminates the guesswork when it comes to finding and sourcing the right person for the job.

Discover and book the perfect vendors and resources swiftly and effortlessly.

Easy communication

At-a-glance resource availability. Collaborate and build the connections you need to keep your best talent ready when you need them.

Time tracking