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Add your talent pool

Build your talent pool by adding your contractors and freelancers. Your Contractors can then access their profiles to update availability, communicate and share files.

Organize your teams

JobBliss walks you through building your talent pool by adding your contractors and freelancers, and existing in-progress work.

Manage your workforce

No more worrying about finding past projects or planning future needs; assign projects, delegate hours, source the right skills and track progress with ease.

With one customizable, easy-to-use system built for team collaboration and transparency, we give you the platform you need to build, manage and track your contingent workforce project activity.


Customizable Resource Profiles

Use our AI-powered resume scanning to quickly build and customize resource profiles, making it easier to find and match the right talent. View ratings and reviews of people and projects for quick decision making.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Facilitate internal and external team collaboration by easily inviting team leads and managers to access your vetted talent pool, share and manage talent easily, aligning team efforts with total oversight.

Onboard and retain talent

Bring your top freelancers and vendors into your exclusive, private company database.

Document contractor information

Customize profiles with the data you need to search and find.

Find and share resources

Share and suggest great talent across your organization.

Project management tools

Projects, tasks, time tracking, scheduling and job posts, everything you and your teams will need to get organized.
JobBliss is a perfect tool for getting an overview of contractor activity and facilitating real collaboration across our team.
Peter R. - Animation Director