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JobBliss is an end-to-end platform designed for the efficient management, collaboration and retention of external contractor and freelance talent, covering everything from onboarding, time tracking, task and project management, to invoicing and payment tracking.

By replacing the need for multiple apps like time tracking, invoicing, and productivity software, JobBliss eliminates operational silos, ensures compliance, supports strategic planning, and boosts productivity. One tool is all you need.



Customizable Resource Profiles
Use our AI-powered resume scanning to quickly build and customize resource profiles, making it easier to find and match the right talent. View ratings and reviews of people and projects for quick decision making.
Collaboration Tools for Internal Teams
Empower your team to build, collaborate, and directly work with talent within the tool, ensuring full transparency. Managers can add to and engage with the talent pool, with an option for more focused, internal team management.

With one easy-to-use system, we give you and your teams the collaboration platform you need to build, manage and track your contingent workforce project activity.

Comprehensive Project Management
Equip managers with tools for project initiation, task assignment, time tracking, and scheduling, ensuring projects stay on track.
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Financial Oversight Tools
Implement time tracking and invoicing management features for budget control and financial control, coupled with payment tracking for transparency.
JobBliss replaced our old time-tracking and project management tools and eliminated our need to use Excel for tracking ratings and freelancer contact info.
COO, Signage Production
Innovative Talent Discovery
Streamline the organization, search, discovery, and internal sharing of your talent. Utilize talent mapping and search functionalities for your team to uncover existing talent in your database and request new skill sets as needed.
Centralized Talent Database
Streamline management of all company talent in one accessible platform, enhancing talent sourcing, deployment and access to skilled professionals.
Enhanced Team Collaboration
Facilitate internal and external team collaboration by easily inviting team leads and managers to access your vetted talent pool, share and manage talent easily, aligning team efforts with total oversight.
With one unified platform, we save time and streamline operations, focusing on what's important for our business.
Samantha W. - Operations Director
Ratings and Reviews

Use the private feedback system to rate task and individual performance, guiding internal decisions on assignments and team setups.

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Managing our projects and contractors is seamless and integrated, making our workflow more efficient and our team more productive. JobBliss has truly simplified our operations and enhanced our productivity.
Sarah B. - Sr. Resource manager