Easily manage and collaborate with your contractor talent

Keep track of project deadlines, onboard new talent quickly, and keep your freelancers, vendors, contractors, and independent consultants organized and productive.

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What is JobBliss?

JobBliss is a Freelancer Management System (FMS) that provides an easy-to-integrate platform for companies to manage and collaborate with their curated external talent pool. If your company works with more than 10 freelancers and relies on this talent to stay competitive, JobBliss is the perfect platform for you.

Ditch the complicated systems.

One of the key benefits of using JobBliss is that it helps your company be prepared for any project or task that may arise. With the ability to add your talent to your private company talent directory, your team leads and managers can access these trusted resources quickly and efficiently. This directory provides your team with all the information they need to get their work done, including past performance, project activity, documents, and chat, all in one user-friendly platform.

Be ready for anything.

JobBliss is a ‘one stop shop’ for companies that rely on external talent to stay competitive. With a user-friendly system, private company talent directory, and collaboration and project management capabilities for your entire team, you can quickly simplify the process of developing and managing your external contractor and freelance workforce. 

Who needs a Freelancer Management tool?

Companies, their internal teams and the external ‘flex’ talent they work with.

Freelancers, contractors, independent consultants – whatever you call them, if you have more than 3 of these external team members and you plan on growing, it’s safe to say you’re ready to get organized.

JobBliss can adapt to suit your unique business model and make working with your external resources ‘a breeze’.


With your private talent database of company resources, you’ll have full visibility and control. 

Use the marketplace to find and add new talent to your team.


Manage people and projects with total visibility into resource scheduling, activity, documentation, budgets, and timelines.

View and fill resource requests in seconds. 


Be predictive, not reactive. 

At-a-glance forecasting helps you visualize any gaps in your resources and fill them with the right people at the right time.

Easy to use, easy to get started!

Start Free

Create your account for free trial access to see the platform and check out all the functionality. Our pricing is simple, with no hidden costs.

Add Your Resources

JobBliss gives you the tools you need to build and manage your talent pool by adding contractors, freelancers, and in-progress work.

Add Your In-house Team

Create a streamlined system for accessing approved external talent and say goodbye to spreadsheets and complicated VMS systems.

Then, get to Work!

JobBliss simplifies project management by providing a comprehensive solution for assigning, delegating, sourcing, and tracking progress.

Harness the power of past performance data to make sure future projects are resourced properly without wasting any extra time on sourcing and organizing.

Build your flex team

Internal teams often rely on access to the skills and flexibility only your external flex talent can provide, often at a moments notice. But this isn’t isolated to one department. From Design, to Legal, Project management and even the C-suite. Top freelance talent can be an asset in practically any team, at any level.

By making the experience of working with your company amazing, you can build your A-team so they’re ready when you need them. Transparency, collaboration, and simplicity are key. At JobBliss, we understand this because we have worked with, and even been freelancers and contractors ourselves. Let us help you build the bench that your internal team has been waiting for.

Your team will thank you 😉

A top-down view of activity for companies

Control and collaboration
for your teams and talent

The only software your team will need to take control

ANOTHER TOOL !?! We already have 10 tools to do one task!” – sound familiar?

Spreadsheets, email, time-tracking applications, horse-trading’ between managers and even some fancy VMS systems… When it comes to working with freelancers, how much time (and money) do you and your teams waste using tools and processes made for full-time only project management?

Simple questions like, are your freelancers or contractors available? Did they do a good job on the last project?… What’s their rate again? – You need this real-time resource, project, and budgeting information, but even with all of these tools in your arsenal, you still aren’t able to get the insights you need to plan ahead and make business decisions.
‘Garbage in, garbage out.’

It’s ok – we’ve been there, and we’ve got you.

Must-have features for your
freelancers and internal teams

With one easy-to-use system, we give you and your teams the collaboration platform you need to
build, manage and track your contingent workforce project activity, so you can get back to doing
the important tasks… (or just simply things that are more fun.)

Bye bye spreadsheet chaos, Hello JobBliss!

If you’re finally tired of the chaos of jumping between files, programs, and documents to work with contractors and freelancers… JobBliss is the only application you and your team need to manage your external resources.

Try JobBliss for free to see how easy it is
to build your ultimate flexible workforce!