The Freelancer Management System for Growing Companies
Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets
Onboard new freelance talent quickly, keep track of project deadlines, and keep your contractors and vendors organized and productive.

What’s inside

Manage people and projects

Total visibility into resource scheduling, activity, documentation, budgets, and timelines.
Share resources, manage capacity, and collaborate in real-time.

Organize your talent pool

JobBliss gives you all the tools to manage the resources, you take care of the paycheque.

Use only the best talent

Keep track of who’s good and who’s not. Leverage the power of your skilled freelancers better. 

Your top freelancer and external talent and in-house teams working together in one tool.

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Build your A-team so they’re ready when you need them.
How it works
Contractors, vendors, independent consultants.
Whatever you call them, if you have more than 5 of these external team members and you plan on growing, it's safe to say you're ready to get organized.

A top-down view of activity across your organization plus control and visibility for your teams and talent.

Live onboarding

Have a member of our team get you started on your journey and answer any questions you may have.
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JobBliss is a perfect tool for getting an overview of contractor activity and facilitating real collaboration across our team.
Peter R. - Assoc. Animation Director