Easily Manage a Remote Workforce

Organize, manage, and forecast your remote workforce whether you have employees, contractors, or both with JobBliss, a scalable resource management system.



Create a company wide resource database filled with the right people and the right skills to create a combined internal and remote workforce that’s ready when you are.


Manage people and projects with our easy-to-use dashboard that gives total visibility into management and resource activity, documentation, budgets, and timelines.


Be predictive, not reactive. At-a-glance forecasting helps you visualize any gaps in your resources and fill them with the right people at the right time.

Benefits of using JobBliss

Enjoy the security, time, and cost-saving benefits of using JobBliss to manage remote teams.


Save time and money

  • Increase speed to market with an overview of your private database of resources available company-wide.
  • Reduce time spent finding and procuring resources.
  • Save on the costs of external recruitment fees and markups.
  • Access the marketplace for unlimited connections (optional).

Keep your data secure

  • All information is private and only visible within your organization.
  • Current and past project details are all in one place.
  • Your proprietary data is stored on a secure server.
  • Build up your Little Black Book of contract and fulltime talent across your entire organization.

Ensure compliance

  • Store all legal documentation associated with each project in one place.
  • Have visibility over invoicing, employee or freelance contracts, and onboarding processes.
  • Always know what’s happening.  Projects are visible so you can see time, effort and money spent.

Take Control, Give Your Team Access, and Let Them Get to Work.

Admins who use JobBliss (management in HR, operations, or procurement) can give hiring managers access to approved resources, enjoy a top-down view of all manager activity, and feel confident that all projects and paperwork are documented and stored in one easily accessible dashboard.

No matter where you source your talent from, use the JobBliss platform to add to your database of resources and manage your internal, external or remote workforces.

Plus, take advantage of our Marketplace (a public database of contract and fulltime talent) to find new resources with no additional costs.


Each company organizes managers, teams, and the full roster of contractors



Each manager manages their own private database of contractors


See How JobBliss works

Pricing plans based on your business needs

Small-to-Medium Businesses

  • One admin seat (e.g. HR, operations, procurement)
  • Up to 5 managers
  • Unlimited job postings
  • Unlimited projects
  • Secure database
  • Document storage
  • Messaging
  • Make unlimited connections in the public Marketplace (optional)

Enterprise Businesses

  • One admin seat (e.g. HR, operations, procurement)
  • 10+ managers
  • Unlimited job postings
  • Unlimited projects
  • Scalable to any size company
  • Secure database
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Messaging
  • Make unlimited connections in the public Marketplace (optional)

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Calling All Contractors

Get noticed on JobBliss. It’s free to join and once you’re listed, showcase your skill sets, find and schedule work, and better manage your income with a direct connection to current and potential employers.

  • Document all agreements, contracts, and invoices.

  • Take charge of your work and connect directly with companies.

  • Set your availability and book projects in advance.

  • Enjoy increased visibility across organizations through skill sharing.

  • Access all available job postings with even more companies in the Marketplace.

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